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Chattanooga is in southeastern Tennessee. A port on the Tennessee River, near the Georgia border. Bridges span the river to link the two sections of the city, which is a services, financial, retail, and distribution center. Manufactures include textiles, primary and fabricated metal, chemicals, and food products; tourism is of growing importance to the economy. Three interstate highways and the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport serve the city.

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
1001 Airport Road Suite 14
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
Airport Authority Offices (423) 855-2202

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The Creative Discovery Museum
Chattanooga is home to a campus of the University of Tennessee; Tennessee Temple University; and Chattanooga State Technical Community College. Museums include the Chattanooga Regional History Museum; the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, where visitors can take a trip aboard a steam-powered passenger train; the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts; the Hunter Museum of Art, with a collection spanning three centuries of American arts; and the Creative Discovery Museum for children.

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Historical landmarks are also located in the immediate region. Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park commemorates several battles of the American Civil War (1861-1865) ; in this park are Signal Mountain, site of a Confederate observation post; Lookout Mountain, on which the "Battle Above the Clouds" was fought; and parts of Missionary Ridge. In the city are the Chattanooga National Cemetery, the Confederate Cemetery, and the Battles for Chattanooga Museum.
Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
Located on Lookout Mountain, at the entrance to historic Point Park, is The Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map & Museum. There you will find a three-dimensional electronic battle map presentation of Chattanooga's Civil War history; see about Chattanooga's Battle Above the Clouds and Sherman's assault on Missionary ridge before his historic March To the Sea. And so much more.
After you learn about the battles, be sure to take a walk through Point Park; the site of the famous Battle Above the Clouds. The Battles for Chattanooga Museum and Electric Map lets you experience the battles as they were fought over 130 years ago - the battles that sealed the fate of the Confederacy.

Chattanooga Riverfront
Chattanooga is also home to the Tennessee Aquarium, the Symphony and Opera Association, the Chattanooga Nature Center, and Reflection Riding, a 300-acre arboretum, botanical garden, and historic site dedicated to the study and conservation of native plant life through its unique landscape. The Riverbend Festival, held in June, is a major annual event. Now celebrating it's 27th year, Riverbend has grown to become Chattanooga's most beloved event. And Bessie Smith Hall, named for the Chattanooga-born blues singer who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

The city, almost surrounded by mountains, is the center of an area with many scenic attractions, including Rock City Gardens, an area of natural rock formations with views of seven states; Ruby Falls, a natural waterfall far below the surface of Lookout Mountain and accessible through cavern passages; and Raccoon Mountain Caverns.

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The Chattanooga area was occupied by the Cherokee people from the early 1700s, and the city takes its name from a Cherokee phrase meaning "pointed rock," which probably refers to Lookout Mountain. In 1816 John Ross, a Cherokee leader, established a trading post on the site, which became known as Ross's Landing. While white settlement began in the late 1700s, it accelerated rapidly in the 1830s, and in 1838 the Cherokee were forcibly removed to the Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. For many, the journey began in Chattanooga and was known as the Trail of Tears, because approximately 4,000 Cherokee out of more than 18,000 forced from their homes perished through hunger, disease, and exposure.

Cherokee History

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The TVA System of Multi-Purpose Dams
The community now known as Chattanooga was laid out in 1838 and grew as a river port; it incorporated as a city in 1839. With the arrival of the railroad in 1850, it became one of the South's major rail centers. Because of its strategic importance, it was fiercely contested during the Civil War (Battle of Chattanooga). Union troops took the city in 1863 and made it a Union base; it later was the starting point for the march through Georgia of the Union general William Tecumseh Sherman. Chattanooga's recovery after the war was due in part to the development of the iron and coal industries. In 1899 it was the site of the first bottling plant of Coca-Cola. The modern industrial growth of the city was aided by Tennessee Valley Authority projects, including nearby Chickamauga Dam (1940), which produced abundant and inexpensive hydroelectric power.

Chattanooga in the 1990s is attempting to build its economy around environmental principles. Three decades earlier the industrialization of Chattanooga had given the city some of the most polluted air in the nation. Residents responded with tough emission restrictions, and today the city's air is again clean. Tennessee Riverpark Master Plan, created in the mid-1980s, has been the outline for the ongoing revitalization of 22 miles of the riverfront. The city's focus on development that meets the needs of future generations has earned Chattanooga world-wide recognition. In 1996 the United Nations gave the city 1 of 12 awards for improvement to the urban living environment.

Chattanooga covers a land area of 124 sq miles, with a mean elevation of 685 ft.

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